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Capsule Wardrobe 101 in Review!

We are almost finished up with our first round of our Capsule Wardrobe 101 course! This was a 4 week series where we guided you on how to create a capsule wardrobe, and tips and tricks for making your closet work for you. Since everyone's style and needs are different, this definitely isn't a one size fits all concept. The most successful capsule wardrobe is a closet that works specifically for you! With our tips, we hope that you've created a collection of coordinated outfits that you love!

Below, we breakdown our process to achieving capsule dressing, with some tips and tricks thrown in too!

Step One - The Inspiration!

Week One was all about envisioning your closet goals. What kind of outfits did you want to be able to easily create? What colours are you drawn to? What are your lifestyle needs? These were all questions we posed to get you really thinking about how your wardrobe can work for you.

Since style is visual, having a vision board is key! This can be a Pinterest board full of outfits you're loving, or an old school mood board with photos and pictures that inspire you. Whatever it looked like, it was important for setting the tone of what you wanted your closet to do for you, and how you wanted to feel in the outfits you would create.

A Capsule Wardrobe need not be neutral! You can have a colourful and fun collection of coordinated outfits by using your own personal colour wheel. If colours bring you joy, be sure to include them all!

Kaylee, Stylist

The Edit!

Week Two had us get to work! Time to go through your closet and try EVERY SINGLE THING ON. Yes, that's the hard part! But the best way to see if an item is still useful to you, is to try it on. Here, we got rid of anything stained, damaged or that no longer served us. We encouraged everyone to take note of what fit them well today, as they were. Forget the size label, and go for how you look and feel instead. Size labels are made up, and they don't mean anything!!

Paring down your wardrobe and getting rid of the clutter is a great way to assess what you have, and find any holes that might be in your closet. Maybe you need more pants or shoes, or you're short on layering pieces. Having it all in front of you is a great visual for where you need to focus your efforts on shopping.

If you find your size fluctuates frequently, or you're currently pregnant or nursing, try storing clothing if you're able, instead of giving them away. That way, you can reasses as things change and be sure about what items you're keeping!

Kaylee, Stylist

Third Piece Dressing & The List!

Week Three introduced everyone to the concept of Third Piece Dressing, and got them thinking about what's on their wish list! Third Piece Dressing is using layers such as cardigans, blazers, jackets or vests to add that "put together" feel. We had so many cute outfit submissions in our Facebook group that had us all sorts of inspired!

Creating a wish list of pieces that will fill the holes in your wardrobe is a great way to keep yourself on track! So many participants found items that still had tags on them, which is a common problem for closets that are too full and overwhelming. Great storage solutions can also be the answer for better organization and presentation of your capsule wardrobe!

Try taking pictures of yourself in your newly coordinated outfits, so that you won't forget great combinations! They're also useful to sort through when you need some new inspiration!

Kaylee, Stylist

The Capsule Collection

That's right... we are ending off our Capsule Wardrobe 101 course with a huge giveaway! Subscribers to the course will have first dibs on being entered to win the entire collection, as well as first grabs for purchases of these amazing pieces! Be sure to check out our social pages for try ons and sneak peeks!

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