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Creative Christmas at Home!

With the holidays quickly approaching, and things feeling uncertain, there's no doubt your usual holiday traditions will look different this year. Let's take a moment to recognize the loss in that. 2020 has been hard! It's been challenging in so many different ways, to everyone. And it might just hit a bit more close to home as we prepare for the Christmas season.

Our team has had countless conversations on how we are adapting, both in business and in our personal lives. We found that sharing creative ideas to make the most of our time at home lifted our spirits, and put a new spin on some of the loss we were all feeling. We wanted to share some of our ideas to you, to hopefully inspire and uplift you in a small way.

We also want to hear how you're making the most out of this very weird and very challenging time. Let's share the acts of kindness, projects we have time to complete, and different spins we are putting on all the festive traditions!

One of the ideas that came about when we were brainstorming how to spend a Christmas at home, was the idea of spreading joy and cheer as many times as we could. 2020 has been a doozy, we need all the joy we can muster this year!

"This plate belongs to everyone. Wherever it may go, with each new sharing of its gift, the love & blessings grow. So fill it up and pass it on to family and friends, to start the circle one more time, loves journey never ends."

I mean, heck yes! We need all the love and blessings, especially this time of year! Whip up your favourite seasonal treat, place them on the plate, and drop it off safely, to someone you love. Then it's their turn, to pass along the small act of kindness that can be found through food. A few of our Stylists are hoping to make this their Christmas Day activity, dropping off little plates of love to friends and family! Who knows, maybe this will be a new tradition that lasts for years!

Part of the fun of gathering, is of course the entertainment! While our houses may not be bustling with kiddos running around, or people mingling in the kitchen over snacks, we can still find ways to connect safely. Virtual game night anyone?

Yes, we know virtual gatherings look and feel different. But, right now it's all most of have! We are so thankful to be able to "see" friends and family, even though they feel far away. Maybe we've been reconnecting with friends and family who live far, now more than ever!

I'm going to call up my family, who I would usually see on Christmas Eve, and have a big game of Yahtzee over Zoom! It's different and a bit strange, but it's all we have right now, so why not make the most of it!

Friends, you do not need permission, or a fancy party, to wear your favourite things. You can dress up just for you, your family or your dog! You've heard us preach about this before. This concept is not new. But maybe we need it now, more than ever!

Wear that dress that you had planned to wear for the holidays anyways! Set that beautiful table, even if it's just for a few people to enjoy. Bonus, you don't have to wear heels or uncomfortable shoes, you can wear your slippers and still look amazing! There are no rules!

Dressing up, setting the table, and taking part of the ritual (even though it is so different than our usual way of celebrating) can feel really good and cathartic in its own way. Why not, right? Why not live it up anyways, even if you only travel between the kitchen and the dining room. If there is ever a time to really go for it and embrace it all, it's now. Bust out the fine china. Open that expensive bottle of wine, that you were saving for a "special occasion" because friends, every day is a special occasion now!

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to make the most of a very 2020 holiday. It's been a taxing year on us all.

If all the energy you have is to order in take out, and enjoy it in front of your favourite movie on the couch - that is great! Taking care of yourself and your needs has to come first, always. And of course, that looks different for every one. We hope, however you celebrate, that peace and joy can be found in your heart. Frock Box loves you!