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Extra, Extra! A Year of Boxes Frock Box Review

We were so thrilled when we had the chance for A Year of Boxes to review our Favourites Box as well as our Gift Box: Valentines Edition! For those who haven't subscribed yet, finding these reviews about the process and what it all entails can be so helpful. You want to know what you're in for, before you jump right in!

Curated Collections!

Each Favourites Box acts as a mini capsule wardrobe of sorts, full of pieces that can easily interchange with each other, or pieces you've kept from previous months! We strive to create a wardrobe that works for you, filled with pieces that excite you every time you open your closet. Your Personal Stylist will get to know you by the questions you fill out in your Style Survey, as well as your Pinterest board in your profile. We go through some Subscriber Tips below to make sure you get the most out of each Frock Box!

A Year of Boxes Reviews!

Here is the link to A Year of Boxes blog post about this Favourites box.

The Gift Box: Valentines Edition

Here is A Year of Boxes review about our Gift Box: Valentines Edition!

Subscriber Tips!

  • The more info, the better! Your profile should be full of likes, dislikes, lifestyle needs and what you're looking to gain from your subscription. You can change this info at any time, so be specific! We want to know it all!
  • An up to date Pinterest board, full of outfits you like and would want to see in your Frock Box. Some subscribers curate seasonal Pinterest boards, or a Work vs. Home outfit board too. This is the best way for your Stylist to get a visual representation of your style, and your outfit goals.
  • Connect! Use the digital feedback forms from your subscriptions, as well as the Notes to Stylist feature in your account to let your Stylist know what you're loving and why. Or what you're not loving too - cause that's important!
  • Try it all on. Really! We have heard it countless times, how what's in the bag is NOT what you would have picked out for yourself. That's the point! Your Stylist is here to push you out of your box, and get you to try new things. You might even surprise yourself by taking a risk and loving it!
  • Bring your positive attitude and open mind. This process only works if you let go of any expectations and just enjoy the ride. Taking some fashion risks is all a part of the process, and it gets us out of our comfort zone to new and exciting outfits! This is where you will find your personal style, and try out different trends to see which ones work best for you!

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