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Frock Box Presents Virtual Styling!

We are so excited to be offering free Virtual Styling Sessions! We've thought long and hard over the past year about how to make some additions and improvements to our subscriber experience. We want to feel more connected to you!

Since 2020 and all the uncertainty that it brought, we've all had to adapt on how to manage this unchartered territory, while staying connected and present. Technology has certainly been on our side through these ups and downs, and it's opened so many doors that before weren't quite clear! Zoom and teleconferencing has become the norm, and we thought what better way to connect with you all, than to open up free Virtual Styling Sessions!

What's It All About?

Here are the details! Schedule your Virtual Styling Session by clicking here. We are working on opening up more availabilities!

Prior to your session, think about some of the style questions or issues you'd like to chat and resolve. This could be anything! What to wear to work, a changed body in need of some style tips, feeling bored and uninspired with your closet, or what type of dress suits your shape best. We're here for it all!

After booking, if you aren't yet a subscriber, you'll need to fill in a Style Profile. There is no need to subscribe to any of our boxes at this time. This is how you can introduce yourself to your Stylist, and she can get a sense of your style and what you're all about!

When it's time for your session, be sure you're in a well lit space with a good wifi connection. Bring an open mind and all your questions or goals and we will start to connect!

Your Selections!

After a quick chat with your Stylist on Zoom, she'll present two selections for you to review and discuss together.

Our Stylists pride themselves on listening to your style needs, but also having a little fun and pushing you a little outside of the box to try new things! This is a great way to get the inside scoop of our process, and all the fashion fun that goes on behind the scenes here at Frock Box. She will explain why she picked the items she did, and how they can integrate into your closet easily, or solve any of your style dilemmas!

You can work with her to finetune the selections and make any quick edits to make it perfect. However, there's no pressure to purchase! Our job is done when we can help empower you through style tips or just a really fun chat. We're here for all of it!

Special Delivery!

After reviewing and discussing the selections with your Stylist, if you choose to purchase any of the items, she will get you all set up if you're not currently a subscriber, or send them out your way if you are a subscriber with your monthly Frock Box.

We believe in empowering women and would love an invite into your home to chat fashion and help ease your shopping woes! In these uncertain times, we wanted to create a safe and effective way to connect, as well as bring you great styles and fashion that work for you. Shopping looks and feels different right now, doesn't it? We all miss strolling the aisles with our bestie, so in the meantime, we can help fill that role for you!

To get started on this new fashion journey with us and join in on the fun, click here to book your free Virtual Style Session today!