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The Gift Box: Mothers Day Edition Reveal!

You guys, curating these Gift Boxes are so fun for us! We absolutely love finding collections of our favourite things that are seasonal, cozy and unique items to add to your life! This is now round 3 of our Gift Box series, and maybe one of our favourites yet! Though, to be sure, we say that about each box when we release it.

So let's dive into what the lucky recipients of this years Gift Box Mothers Day Edition received!

Some Glitter and Glam!

This Foxy Originals necklace, which had two different Mothers Day appropriate sayings on them, are so so cute! Casual, fun and definitely on theme for this edition of our Gift Box. We've had some pieces from Foxy Originals throughout the years, and we love them for their trendy and beautiful designs that work with almost anyones style! Even better, these beauties are designed and made in Canada! Whenever we can support another small business, Frock Box always jumps at the chance. Feel free to check more of their pieces out here.

The Outfit!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Frock Box Gift Box without some fashion! We thought long and hard about what kind of clothing pieces we wanted to include in this box, and since it was geared towards Spring, we came up with two essential pieces for your wardrobe. A kimono and sandal pairing is a match made in heaven! Easily layer this loose and flowy kimono over jeans and a tee, shorts and a tank or even a dress - matched with the simple and classic sandals, and you are good to go!

At Frock Box, we want you to think in terms of outfits when it comes to your closet. What good is a collection of clothes that don't work well together? We always keep this in mind, not only when we pack your monthly boxes, but also in our Gift Box series. We want to make it easy, fun and adorable for you!

The kimonos featured in this Gift Box are from another Canadian company that we adore! Monday Muse creates a unique blend of handmade apparel that can be worn in a variety of ways. Their pieces are designed to function as casual daywear to a sophisticated piece for date night or formal events. The versatility that their pieces offer, as well as the super cute and wearable styles, made them a perfect match for Frock Box! You can check out more of their pieces here.

Your New Favourite Bag

When we were curating this Gift Box specifically for Mothers Day, we took into account what Moms *really* want. Luckily, this came naturally to a lot of us since our team is mostly comprised of mothers! Pieces that are cute and stylish, but also practical and functional are usually at the top of our teams wishlist. These Colab bags totally check off all of those boxes!

We love an over the shoulder style for being hands free when you're out and about with the kids, but we also love a stylish bag that works when the kids are away and Mom is out to play! This bag can easily function as an everyday purse for your busy life, as well as play the part for date night or girls night out. They came in a variety of colours, and we hope you love yours! You can check out other Colab style here!

Cheers to all the Moms out there!

We so hope that you enjoyed all of the contents in our latest edition of our Gift Box series! If you missed out this time, but want to get in on whatever our next edition may be, be sure that you're following us on both Facebook and Instagram, as well as signed up for our email newsletters! You can sign up on our homepage to be the first to know about all the things we have going on at Frock Box!